Can anyone subscribe?

Yes, anyone can subscribe to  RCCG Store.

Can anyone become a seller or vendor?

Yes, anyone can sell their digital products on RCCG Store. The seller must be the original author of the work or have written permission to post. However be aware that we want to maintain high quality standards for our buyers. If we can keep the quality level of our file selection high, we attract more and returning buyers, so keep that in mind when listing a file on the site.

Why is membership required?

You don’t need a membership to search for digital products, but you will need a membership to access or purchase them. We require membership because it facilitates community and interaction between buyers and sellers, along with reinforcing the high level of security we maintain on the RCCG Store site.

Can my company or firm join?

Yes a firm can create a profile to display their work as a group.

How do I close my account?

At present, the best way to do this is to contact us  via mail  [email protected]  asking to have your account deleted, and listing your User name.


What file types are included on RCCG Store?


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